CHION CRYSTAL fine salt Bucket 12.5 kg

CHION CRYSTAL fine salt Bucket 12.5 kg
Product Code: 5201763 103389

Plastic bucket packaging containing 12.5 kilos of crystalline sea salt in uniform grains; absolutely pure, naturally white, containing iodine, enriched with magnesium carbonate, suitable for the catering sector, i.e. restaurants, hotels, etc.

Processing with the latest technology ensures the salt preserves all valuable sea trace elements. 

Fine salt grains dissolve easily and ensure uniform distribution. Excellent for cooking; the flow   enhancers added, such as magnesium carbonate, make it ideal to for table salt cellars in the catering industry. 


  • Sea Salt
  • Magnesium carbonate 0,5%
  • Stabillizer Sodium Carbonate 0,1%
  • Enriched with Potassium Iodide 40-60ppm
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