CHION has a tradition in processing and marketing sea salt since 1935. In Ancient Greek, the name CHION means SNOW and symbolises the cleanliness and purity of properly harvested salt, which is linked to the history of Greece.


 CHION salt is now receiving a breath of fresh air! It is renewing its image with a modern, dynamic, simple and timeless logo that functions as the seal for the company’s quality nature. The source of inspiration is the consortium between the sun and sea in creating something unique and valuable, such as salt. The basic features of the logo are the circle that symbolises the sun, the blue colour symbolising the sea and the white colour as a symbol of the salt crystal’s cleanliness and purity.


The strategic development of the logo is intended to satisfy and assist consumers with new packaging, new product ranges and new proposals for ... adding taste to our life! CHION brings a fresh and modern approach to the salt market in Greece and it is only the beginning!